Elf Female Warrior Sculpt Project - Cosplay

Hi guys! This model has been processed in high detail. Professional painting was done.

Contains high polygons. The model consists of 60 pieces. I present you the project in 4 different ways.

Original project. 95 million vertex.

The number of polygons has been reduced. All parts were created 34 million vertex. There is a mirror.

You will have the pose project where I applied polygon reduction. Render project.

The original project contains .144 million vertexes. I EXPORT THE Project .ZTL and .OBJ FORMATS.

POZ PROJECT seamless rendering with keyshot.

Attention! You must have 25gb ram and more on your system.

If you like my works, comment and like them. I am very happy, and my motivation is increasing. In this way, I can do super jobs. Thank you.

Elf Female Warrior Sculpt Turnable